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Woman's Body Found in Basement

Updated: Wednesday, March 6 2013, 09:23 AM EST
COLUMBUS -- Police discovered the body of a woman in a basement of a house where a woman claims people threatened her with Satanic rituals.

Homicide detectives would not comment only to say the case has unexplainable circumstances.

The first call for help came into 911 about 7:30 Tuesday night.

According to police, a woman ran from one house to another on the 1100 block of Wildwood Ave. to call police.  She told them someone threatened to kill her as part of a Satanic ritual.

At the time of this report, homicide detectives say they are trying to get a search warrant to gather more information in what they call "an unusual case."

A police source says the victim was found with her eyes duct taped shut at the top steps of a basement with no obvious signs of trauma.  Police also say the victim didn't live at the house where she was found.

The woman who ran for help  is with police as a witness.  Detectives say
they know who the suspects are, but they're still on the loose in a burgundy car.


Reporter:  Tara MorganWoman's Body Found in Basement

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