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SPECIAL REPORT: The Breastfeeding Pill

Updated: Friday, February 8 2013, 09:41 AM EST
COLUMBUS -- It's one of the most natural things you can do with your new born, breastfeed.

And try as they might, some mom just can't produce enough milk for their baby.

So some nursing moms are reaching into the medicine cabinet for drugs to help them produce more milk.

But doctors say the pills many of them are reaching for puts their lives at risk.

Riverside Hospital's Lactation expert, Whitney Mirvis says the pills they're using are Domperidone and Reglan.

And she says these pills aren't meant for nursing moms.

They are not developed for this specifically.  Their on label use is usually gastric stimulants.    Mirvis says, a side effect to the drugs are they increase prolactin, that's the hormone which helps increase milk supply, so new moms are taking these drugs to make more milk for their babies.

But Mirvis says according to the FDA the drugs also pose serious health risks for women who use them.  And Domperidone isn't even approved by the FDA.

Mirvis suggest if you are having troubles nursing your baby to make an appointment with a lactation consultant.

She says, the pills are not miracle pills and sometimes it just takes a lot of work to breastfeed, but she says with help most moms are able to do it.


Reporter:  Maria Durant
SPECIAL REPORT: The Breastfeeding Pill

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